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Finance @ McCoy Motors

At McCoy Motors we have a dedicated business manager, (Margaret Freaney) who can advise you on the best finance package to suit your needs. As VW group partners our main finance option for our customers is through the Volkswagen Bank, however we can work with any of the other finance houses available.

The Volkswagen Bank offer extremely low interest rates, which can make changing your car more affordable than you think! SEAT Finance is part of the VW bank and specialises in providing finance for SEAT & Cupra vehicles. As SEAT & Cupra's choice of models continue to grow, so do the options available to our customers when selecting the most suitable method of finance.

Explanation of finance types available to you:

Personal Contract Plan (PCP)

Personal Contract Plan you choose your deposit, between 10% and 30%. Depending on what you choose, we will then calculate your monthly fixed payment over 36 months. Volkswagen Bank will guarantee a minimum future value (GFV) and defer this as your optional final payment.

At the end of the plan you have 3 options:

  • Part exchange for a brand new SEAT
  • Pay or refinance the optional final payment (and keep your SEAT) 
  • Hand back your car with no further payment (subject to fair return conditions)
Benefits of PCP
  • Lower monthly payments,
  • Allows you to drive a new SEAT / Cupra every 3 years, 
  • No need to worry about residual value, 
  • Available with lower interest rates,
  • Reduced maintenance costs I.e. NCT, 60,000km service is generally a bigger service (low cost service plans available for new and used SEAT & Cupra cars)
  • Available on new and used vehicles 
Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase is simple and very straight forward. You pay deposit or trade in your old car, and simply pay the balance in fixed monthly payments over a period that suits you. You continue paying this amount until the term is completed. Typically has a higher interest rate than PCP. 

Benefits of Hire Purchase
  • Minimal cash outlay - low deposits available
  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of your agreement
  • Fixed repayments available for ease of cash flow and budgeting
  • Flexible terms - you choose the option to suit you

Our aim at McCoy Motors.

McCoy Motors operate a non-pressure sales environment and we understand that car finance is a scary prospect for many people, especially considering a large percentage of our SEAT & Cupra customers are buying their first brand new car. We advise people considering finance on a new or used car to take their time, don’t rush and to look at all the options available to them. If the car you are intersted in sells in the meantime its not a big deal another one will show up, whats more important is making the right choice when considering finance. Come in and chat to us we have a very experienced finance and sales team that can give you all the options for both HP and PCP.  Get quotes on both options and see what works best for you!!

The aim of management at McCoy Motors is to build a long standing relationships with everyone who comes through our door. The finance package you choose will have a strong bearing on the relationship you have with us. We are here to sell cars to customers who will come back when their PCP or HP term is over. Ultimately we want to give you the right information to make the right most informed choice for your own needs.




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