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Appraisee's 'Price My Car' @ McCoy Motors 

In McCoy Motors we use a car apprasial system called appraisee, this platform allows you send us all the information we need to value your car properly.  The appraisee system allows us use this data to do our own research on your trade in and get back to you as soon as possible. The more information we get on your trade in the more realistic a value we can give on what your car is worth. Obviously all quotes are subject to seeing your car in reality but we feel this is the best way of doing pricing remotely for our customers. It’s a relatively quick and easy process and doesn’t require much effort from the customer perspective however you do have to take a couple of photos and fill in some information but that is to be expected I suppose!

Click on the 'Price My Car' tab below and follow the easy steps to send us the information on your trade in and we will get back to you shortly.


Price My Car


If this does not suit dont hesitate to get in contact via the below channels:

  • Call our landline (01) 6241223 and chat to a sales executive - the sales executive can give you their contact details and you can forward on some pictures and detail of your trade in via WhatsApp / messenger / email. 
  • Email over some detail & pictures on your car to 

*Please note we do not give approximate trade in prices over the phone without doing our research. Before giving any estimated quotes on your trade in we need as much detail on your trade in including registration, mileage, condition etc. as possible, we also need some pictures of the car.
**Prices quoted are subject to seeing and carrying out a full appraisal on your trade in when you arrive.

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